Mobile Health Labs and Mobile Classrooms Help to Bridge Equity Gap

In today’s dynamic and interconnected world, the imperative for businesses goes beyond profit margins; it extends to bridging the economic gap and fostering equity for all members of society. Businesses are pivotal in driving positive change by recognizing communities’ diverse needs and challenges. This commitment enhances social responsibility and fosters a more sustainable and resilient global economy where opportunities are accessible to everyone, irrespective of background or circumstance. As businesses strive to create equity, they become catalysts for a more just and inclusive future.  

Brewco Mobile Medical Units 

Brewco Marketing Group is doing its part to assist in bridging this very gap through several different facets of its business. Brewco Health, a pillar of BMG, is dedicated to bringing health to underserved communities worldwide.  

Brewco started serving the medical field during the pandemic by creating mobile ERs and clinics. Hospitals and clinics were able to work with Brewco to customize their own mobile healthcare facility, whether that be two 53′ trailers serving as a temporary ER, like Brewco crafted for UAB Health, or a 29’ bumper pull trailer serving as a mobile clinic with two patient screening rooms, like the one for Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital. Both assets are perfect examples of Brewco’s versatility and ability to customize its products to your needs. In addition to this ability, they can transport their assets anywhere in the world. In the past, Brewco has transported mobile healthcare units to Timor-Leste, Gila River, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management. Brewco Health has emphasized its dedication to creating equity in communities that need these mobile facilities most.   

Brewco Mobile Educational Resources 

We often see that schools cannot provide adequate career resources to their students, not because they do not want to, but simply because they need more funds or resources to do so. Here, we can see another gap that needs to be filled. Brewco has worked with several school systems and colleges in Kentucky to provide those necessary learning resources to high school students. Recently, Brewco took HealthForce 1 (a partnership with multiple colleges across Kentucky) to several high schools across the state. HealthForce 1 provides simulation-style learning for students interested in healthcare.  

In addition to this mobile classroom, Brewco crafted a mobile Discovery Lab for Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency, which provided a valuable resource for students as they explore career pathways. Yet again, we see Brewco helping to bridge the economic gap between communities and the resources necessary to ensure success.   

All these examples’ successes further prove that mobile solutions are a significant component in bridging the economic gap and creating equity within communities worldwide. All ages benefit from mobile solutions, which are on full display with BMG’s mobile healthcare facilities and classrooms.