3 Reasons Why Product Sampling is a Valuable Marketing Tool

Product sampling is when a brand gives away (or offers at a reduced rate) samples to let the public try a product. This encourages consumers to buy the product and increases their loyalty to a brand. Product sampling at a single event or as part of a mobile marketing tour can be an impactful way to diversify your marketing plan.  

Brewco Marketing Group has partnered with a wide range of brands in the past for their product sampling needs, including office supplies, food products, and consumer goods. Additionally, we are experienced in delivering samples for regulated industries that have strict requirements such as age verification.  



Brewco Marketing Group are product sampling experts and have delivered over 5 million samples! We have delivered product samples at sporting events, retail stores, music festivals, fairs and more. Notable event activation locations have included Coachella, The Daytona 500, The Superbowl, The Latin Grammys, and BET Awards. 


Here are three reasons why product sampling is a valuable marketing tool:   

1. Cost-Effective Exposure: Product sampling can be an extremely cost-effective way to build affinity for a current product or introduce a new one. When Pilot wanted to engage back-to-school shoppers for the launch of their new Pilot FriXion Clicker pen, Brewco Marketing Group offered a mobile solution that had cost-efficiency in mind. A mobile marketing tour occurred with traveling assets that included tents, tables, ipads, and a sprinter van. While Pilot had to initially invest in this marketing approach, they actively reaped the rewards when the sales of the pen exceeded expectations at each tour stop, including multiple occurrences of the product selling out!



2. Person-to-Person Interactions and Consumer Feedback: McDonald’s is a long-term partner of Brewco Marketing Group and are one of our largest sampling programs. We provide a consistent way for McDonald’s to deliver fresh-made products to target audiences at various events. While sampling, McDonald’s franchisees who deliver the samples can learn key insights about what flavors or products event attendees are enjoying the most. 



3. Brand Awareness: Quality brand awareness can be built when you engage consumers at events or in their own communities. When Brewco Marketing Group was tasked with increasing brand awareness about the Tastykake brand within the Southeast and Texas, we were able to engage more than 300,000 consumers for Tastykake over a 12-week period. That’s a tremendous amount of brand awareness packed into a short period of time! 



Product sampling is the perfect addition to any marketing plan that strives to capture consumer interest and gain valuable feedback. Do you have a product that you need help delivering samples for? Contact us