Mobile Medical Clinics are Worth the Investment

Barriers to healthcare in traditional settings can include lack of transportation, lack of providers, intimidation by healthcare settings, hours of operation, and more. By investing in the well-being of your community with a mobile medical clinic, these barriers can be reduced to increase public participation in important health screenings and visits.   

According to Mobile Health Map’s Impact Report, there is a $12 average return for every dollar invested in mobile health. 

Mobile medical clinics can cover a wide range of community needs, for both healthcare systems and government divisions.   

Brewco Health can custom build a mobile medical clinic tailored to your needs. Not sure how to use one? Here are some ways past partners have used a mobile asset designed and fabricated by Brewco Health to enhance their offerings with a mobile medical clinic:  


Increased community health services:  

Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital and The Muhlenberg County Health Department asked Brewco Health to create a mobile solution that could be easily transferred to various rural areas of Muhlenberg County, KY. This mobile medical clinic is being used for community outreach through preventative care, COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and first aid at community events. This asset can also be used for medical deployment following a disaster. 

Other community health services that a mobile medical clinic of this size could be used for include mammogram screenings, audiology tests, dental care, prenatal care, urgent care services and more.  


Increased capacity:  

Some of our partners have used mobile medical clinics to increase their capacity to handle medical services, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic and future surges in medical demands.  

Gila River Health Care used their mobile medical clinic to increase inpatient capacity by 40%! This 10-bed mobile medical clinic has 10 beds and a private office area. While initially created with COVID-19 patients in mind, this mobile medical clinic also is posed to treat patients with other communicable diseases.  


Mobile medical clinics can be used to together to create a field hospital:  

A field hospital can be created to bring your mobile medical clinic to the next level. A field hospital typically consists of a fleet of mobile assets that can function together. For added value, these can be used separately and deployed to varying locations to be used as urgent care or intensive care units.  

The Texas Division of Emergency Management relied on Brewco Health to create a field hospital. This included 4 mobile ICU units that each had a capacity of 9 interior beds along with diagnostic wall units. In addition, there were support trailers, and tents to combine the units. The tents provided privacy when connecting each of the mobile ICUs and allowed for expanded space to offer additional capacity with cots. The Texas Division of Emergency Management uses these mobile assets to aid local government in times of emergency such as a natural disaster or pandemic.   



In addition to these mobile health clinics, Brewco Health has also assisted with medical device training labs and mobile command centers to support emergency services. We are ready to provide custom solutions to the healthcare problems you need to solve.  

Want to learn more about mobile health clinics? Read more about Brewco Health or contact us 

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