BMG partners with Ericsson to create solar-powered mobile experience

BMG recently partnered with Cactex Media and Ericsson — a leading provider of information and communication technology to service providers — to create a solar-powered mobile activation. The mobile experience is part of the #ImagineLiveTour, offering an “innovative mobile customer experience” at more than 60 sites across the U.S. and Canada.

Equipped with eight solar panels and rechargeable batteries, attendees will not create a carbon footprint, a primary initiative for Ericcson. The activation boasts the latest technology and innovation and provides a minimum run time of eight hours.

Accompanied¬†by a custom-wrapped sprinter van, the trailer allows Ericsson’s prospects and clients to explore their solutions locally. By bringing the trailer directly to the client’s doorsteps, Ericsson will enlighten customers on how its offerings can elevate how they conduct business. Demonstrations range from Ericsson’s Radio System and Private 5G solutions to Operations and Engine Technologies.

The 28-foot trailer is the second solar-powered, self-sustainable activation fabricated by Brewco. The other was the “My Smart Energy Lab” for Public Service Electric and Gas (PSEG) Long Island, a century-old energy provider for the northeast. The 48-foot single-slide interactive and educational trailer was the world’s first solar-powered mobile marketing experience.

As the world evolves and times change, BMG is committed to offering a wide array of eco-friendly options for your next mobile activation. Please email us at to see how we can combine your marketing needs with your green initiatives.