Private and Public Sectors Focused on Workforce Development; Mobile Tours Offer Memorable Solutions

As we enter a new year, one priority remains at the forefront for most companies and government entities: workforce recruitment and development. Experiential mobile activations and tours offer a memorable way to employ programs and policies to create and sustain a viable workforce.  

In the current economic climate and with business and industry needs evolving at rapid rates, INNOVATION is critical. For 25 years, Brewco Marketing Group (BMG) has been an industry leader in designing, fabricating, and managing mobile experiences.  

As service providers seek to create programs to drive the economic security of individuals and economic developers seek to promote sustainable economic growth in a community or region, BMG offers a turnkey solution for a wide array of workforce needs.  

The public and private sectors are joining forces to address these needs. Mobile units create easier access to training and education, two fundamental factors in promoting individual and substantive societal contributions.  

From mobile medical facilities and STEM labs to mobile training units and more, our activations ensure businesses and regions are developing the necessary skills to remain vying in an international marketplace. Imagine taking your initiatives directly to potential and existing employees at a fraction of the cost of a traditional brick-and-mortar setting.  

BMG’s one-stop-shop approach doesn’t end with design and fabrication. While our units are available for purchase, leasing them gives you direct access to our experienced team of program managers and drivers. This shifts the logistical aspect of the tour to us and allows you to focus on what’s most important: programming.