Compassion International


Brewco Marketing Group managed multiple mobile marketing tours for Compassion International in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The United States tour even went to Hawaii! These tours featured immersive experiences sharing the stories of poverty-stricken children around the world and engaging visitors at churches, events and Christian festivals.

The Challenge

Compassion International tasked BMG to design and build an immersive experience allowing guests to step into the lives of Compassion International sponsored children. They wanted to raise awareness with a memorable program and increase sponsorships to support children in need.

The Solution

BMG custom-designed more than eight trailers, varying in size, and had a team of 30 people executing more than 700 activations annually. Visitors experienced a series of rooms representing a different time in a child’s life and learned about the positive impact Compassion International had on the child. Utilizing real artifacts from the country being represented and incorporating engaging audio/visual technology, the Compassion Experience captured the interest of 21 million visitors!

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