Gila River Health Care


Brewco Health partnered with Mobile Healthcare Facilities to create a mobile medical unit for Gila River Healthcare to address community healthcare needs and increase their inpatient capacity by 40%. Gila River Healthcare used the unit to care for COVID-19 patients or other patients with communicable diseases.

The Challenge

Gila River Healthcare, the healthcare entity of the Gila River Indian Community, faced challenges when keeping up with patient capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic. They wanted a mobile resource to help expand their capacity and offer increased healthcare accessibility to ill patients.

The Solution

Brewco Health utilized a 53’ double expandable trailer for this mobile healthcare project. Brewco Health designed and fabricated a 10-bed mobile medical unit that also had a private office area for medical staff. It was equipped with multiple HVAC controls, an iWave air purification system, and privacy curtains.

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