University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Hospital

University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Hospital


With over 1,200 beds, UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, is the eighth-largest hospital in the country. UAB Hospital is a major center for clinical research and home of some of the top medical programs in America. Brewco Health partnered with Mobile Healthcare Facilities to design, fabricate, and maintain two fully-equipped mobile emergency units for the hospital. 

The Challenge

As UAB Hospital’s average daily census (ADC) continued to increase, leadership recognized the need to renovate and expand their emergency department operations. While the primary structure underwent renovations, the hospital required additional space to continue providing patients the same level of care. 

The Solution

BMG converted two 53’ double expandable trailers into over 2,000 square feet of emergency department space. Conjoined by a covered industrial walkway, BMG equipped each unit with eight hospital beds, medical gasses, medical room curtains, advanced UV filtration systems, and more. 


  • Brewco Health
  • Design and Fabrication

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