Gulf Oil

People at Gulf Oil tent with a mascot


Brewco Marketing Group supported Gulf Oil’s expansion into the Southeast and Midwest with grand opening events at new locations. Participation in the charitable program and the “Get Spotted” campaign exceeded expectations. Credit card applications generated strong results and BMG’s brand ambassadors received positive feedback from all levels of the company including senior executive leadership, regional distributors, local owners, and customers.

The Challenge

With 100+ new locations in 8 states, Gulf Oil turned to BMG to help market its re-emergence in the Mid-Atlantic region after 10+ years. Our objective was to introduce the brand to consumers, build awareness, and sign-up consumers for credit cards. BMG also developed a charitable contest to promote Gulf’s support of breast cancer research.

The Solution

BMG organized grand opening events, with brand ambassadors and displays, which included a branded SUV, a branded 10-by-10-foot tent, premiums and signage. Additional signs promoted Gulf’s “Get Spotted” while brand ambassadors presented consumers with a fun activity to raise money for breast cancer research.

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